March 20, 2005

March Around The World

It is wonderful to see ideas marching around the world! This spring my article Digital Natives Digital Immigrants, which is already a big hit (apparently) in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, was published in Croatian! Also in Europe, I gave a presentation at LearnTec in Karlsrue, Germany, and, after stopping back in NY to see the Central Park Gates Gates1a.jpg
I headed off to Mexico to speak at the Universidad Virtual Tecnologico de Monterrey's Campus Toluca. What was really exciting about that speech is that it was sent electronically to several locations in Mexico and to a half-dozen countries in South America! The audience (mostly teachers) seemed very interested in hearing new ideas, and the few Digital Natives in the audience were excited to finally have their interests represented in a school setting!

Posted by Marc at March 20, 2005 03:42 PM