August 20, 2008

Cell Phones in Class -- A Huge Breakthrough

For those who support twenty-first century education, today is huge! A highly prestigeous private school in Sydney Australia, Presbyterian Ladies' College (PLC) Croydon, recently began allowing students in some classes to use cell phones during exams. (What I call "open phone tests.")

The program was featured on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald, a major newspaper, and the whole country has apparently gone wild. The teacher and students have been in radio and TV interviews all day, and I, who was mentioned in the article as the originator of the idea, have already done two phone interviews with Australian radio stations.

Of course, not everybody agrees with this, but what a fantastic thing to have it in the public conversation!

You can read the article at Phone a friend in exams

The BECTA article mentioned is available here.

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Posted by Marc at August 20, 2008 05:23 AM