October 22, 2003

New Business Models for Learning

I recently posted and sent out for comment an article of New Business Models for Learning in which I suggest there may be better ways to get good educational software and still have people compensated for their creativity, along the lines of new open source models emerging in the music and other indusctries.

I am trying to drum up interest for a conference on the subject, and I invite your comments on the article.

Posted by Marc at 03:03 PM

Networks and Learning

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a European e-Learning leaders conference at the beautiful Les Fontaines conference center constructed by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in the forst near Chantilly, France. The highlight for me was a presentation by Jerry Michalski, formerly of Release 1.0, who is now back from his travels and living in Berkely. Jerry's presentation on Networks and Learning was very impressive, and I will try to link to it directly.

Posted by Marc at 03:00 PM