December 06, 2004

December Happenings

First, best wishes to all for a warm, happy holiday and a great new year!

This month and the last have been productive, with a talk to school administrators in Indianapolis, an appearance via the virtual world "There" at Techlearn, a talk to the technical coordinators at BOCES in Westchester NY, and a speech to the 1000+ attendees at the LACUE (Louisiana Computer-Using Educators) in Alexandria LA. I still have trips to Fredrecton, New Brunswick and Los Angeles on my plate before settling in to our new place for Xmas.

The new year brings trips all over, starting with the Florida Virtual Schools in Orlando, and a speaking engagement in London.

Hope to catch you in my travels.

All the best,

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December 05, 2004

"Tools" and "Behaviors"

I have posted two new articles to my website.

Since I am frequently asked by educators for tools they can use to make games, the first is a list of tools that can be used for making learning games. The tools range from very simple-to-use, free templates, frames and game makers to the most sophisticated tools for modding and game-building.

List of Tools for Building [Learning] Games -- --Templates, Frames, Game Makers, Simple Engines, Prototyping Tools, Building Tools, Modding Tools, 3D Engines -- All on one page (updates appreciated)

I have also posted an article entitled "The Emerging Online Life of the Digital Native." In the article I try to give a picture of the large number of areas where the Digital Natives are inventing their own ways of doing things. I welcome any additions, corrections or comments on my thoughts here -- please contact me at

The Emerging Online Life of the Digital Native -- --A work in progress - please email me comments and additions.


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