September 09, 2005

Back to School

Hi All. Sorry for my absence from the blogosphere. It's not like I took the summer off...Some highlights:

At the NECC conference, where I gave a luncheon keynote, I discovered a wonderful educator/actress named Deneen Frazier Bowen. She was able to portray the voice of disaffected high school school students in a beautiful, sensitive way that I recommend you all listen to at

At the second annual Hidden Agenda Contest in Austin, we awarded the $25,000 first prize to a game about space mechanics that included a real rocket scientist on the design team.

Between raising my now 4-month-old, tutoring a high school senior in math, showing my 13-year-old nephew arond NY for a week and taking my other nephew (who has aspirations of being a chef) out to his first 3 star meal, I had a lot of fun with kids this summer.

I got to speak to teachers and administrators in Littleton CO, and to a huge group of teachers (almost 5000) from the Research Triangle area in North Carolina. From the emails I received, my message seems to have sparked some new initiatives.

Finally, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, who has started an initiative called "Professor Garfield" to provide online educational materials to elementary school kids. See

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