February 01, 2009

New Writings

I've written four new articles that have recently been published and posted to my website:

H. Sapiens Digital -- From Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to Digital Wisdom (in Innovate, Feb-Mar 2009)

An article that talks about new distinctions for the future, when all will have been born in the digital age.

Open Letter to the Obama Administration (in Educational Technology Mar-Apr 2009)

A letter suggesting that changing our curriculum and our teaching methods is far more important to our future than doing the "old stuff" better

Marc Prensky's Essential 21st Century Skills (not what you might expect)

A list suggesting that, as important as technology will become in our future, a great many of the skills today's kids will need to succeed in the future do not directly involve technogy (although they are certainly not the non-technology skills we currently teach).

Let's Be "Digital Multipliers" (in Educational Technology Jan-Feb 2009)

Suggesting that teachers can do much to help "have-not" students catch up.

I'm also working on a new book, tentatively titled "Partnering With Your Digital Native Students" to be published this fall by Corwin. In future posts I'll be asking for you examples and "digital wisdom" for that book.

Many thanks.


Posted by Marc at 09:41 PM