November 14, 2010

Nice Review

Here's a nice review of my latest book Teaching Digital Natives- Partnering for Real Learning from Steven Foreman of the Chicago K-12 Examiner, posted at

Review of Teaching Digital Natives by Marc Prensky

Every once in a while, a book comes along that reaffirms a reader’s core beliefs about teaching and learning. Marc Prensky’s Teaching Digital Natives was exactly that kind of book for me. The author allocates very few pages to defining the situation at hand as that of digital “natives” and “immigrants” cohabitating together in the classroom. Instead, he focuses his work on actually providing the reader with practical applications for engaging student learners. Among these are the importance of utilizing facilitating language, focusing on engaging strategies, planning through inquiry, encouraging multiple forms of technology in and outside the classroom, and methodology for setting the stage for continuous improvement.
Among the outstanding features of this book, is a table in Chapter 2 of verbs and associated nouns that pulls together instructional actions and the tools that exist for accomplishing learning objectives. Additionally, Chapter 7 contains an alphabetical glossary of 132 tools (nouns) for guiding students for the skills they are learning. Prensky’s user-friendly approach mirrors that of a handbook. It’s truly a must-have user’s manual for instructional technology in the 21st century.


Posted by Marc at 10:23 AM