March 07, 2012

"Review" of" From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom"

Here is a review of my latest book, From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom: Hopeful Essays for 21st Century Learning (Corwin, 2012) from, surprisingly, Norway!

"This title offers an expert perspective on 21st century education. What can you learn on a cell phone? Almost anything! How does that concept fit with our traditional system of education? It doesn't. Best-selling author and futurist Marc Prensky's book of essays challenges educators to reboot and make the changes necessary to prepare students for 21st century careers. His bottom-up vision is based on interviews with young people and includes their ideas about what they need from teachers, schools, and education. Also featured are easy-to-do, high-impact classroom strategies that help what he calls digital natives acquire digital wisdom. This thought-provoking text is organized into two sections that address: Rethinking education; and, 21st century learning and technology in the classroom (including games, YouTube, and more). In addition to valuable knowledge, this compelling collection offers inspiration, new perspectives, and ideas that work. Our educational context has changed, and a new context demands new thinking. This book will broaden your mind, spark new insights regarding how and what you teach, and reshape your vision of 21st century education."


P.S. The joke's on me--I found out this is actually from the publisher, Corwin. It's still a good description, though.

Posted by Marc at March 7, 2012 03:22 PM