October 30, 2009

New and Recent

I just handed in my final draft of my new book to Corwin. Looks like the title will be "Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for REAL Learning." Publication date: March 1, 2010.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Introduction: Our Changing World: Technology and Global Society
Chapter 1: Partnering: a Pedagogy for the New Educational Landscape
Chapter 2: Moving to the Partnership Pedagogy
Chapter 3: Thinking “People and Passions” rather than “Classes and Content”
Chapter 4: Being REAL (not Just Relevant)
Chapter 5: Planning: Content to Questions, Questions to Skills
Chapter 6: Using Technology in Partnering
Chapter 7: Understanding the “Nouns,” or Tools
Chapter 8: Letting Your Students Create
Chapter 9: Continuously Improving through Sharing and Practice
Chapter 10: Assessment in the Partnering Pedagogy
Conclusion: Partnering in the Future

A new article:

Should a 4-year-old have an iPhone? -- Absolutely! (on the Handheld Learning site, 2009)

Other recent articles:

H. Sapiens Digital -- From Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to Digital Wisdom (in Innovate, Feb-Mar 2009)

An article that talks about new distinctions for the future, when all will have been born in the digital age.

Open Letter to the Obama Administration (in Educational Technology Mar-Apr 2009)

A letter suggesting that changing our curriculum and our teaching methods is far more important to our future than doing the "old stuff" better

Marc Prensky's Essential 21st Century Skills (not what you might expect)

A list suggesting that, as important as technology will become in our future, a great many of the skills today's kids will need to succeed in the future do not directly involve technogy (although they are certainly not the non-technology skills we currently teach).

Make Those You Tubes! -- Sharing is now a snap -- and sharers learn faster. (in Educational Technology, 2009)

The missing element in teachers' learning from each other's successes.

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