November 11, 2009

New Book Available for Pre-Order

My new book, Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning is now in press—publication date: March 1, 2009.

It can be pre-ordered at

Here are some of the things advance readers have said:

For years, Marc Prensky analyzed and came to understand digital natives (our kids) and digital immigrants (our teachers/educational system). Now he assimilates teaching, learning and technology into a brilliant "how to" for 21st century teachers and students-- a model of what he calls a "partnering pedagogy." Teaching Digital Natives proposes that educators focus on verbs (essential skills) and nouns (tools to learn skills). Teachers own the verbs--students own the nouns! Holy cow-- it's content agnostic (all content fits) and metacognitive (help kids think about how they are learning)!! This book will set the educational preparation world on its heels with a compelling argument for positive change.

Lawrence L. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Elementary Education
Ball State University

Marc’s understanding of how our school-age digital natives learn underpins his prescient ‘pedagogy of partnering’. As always with Marc, he looks to the learner as the first consideration in the educational equation. The insightful advice and gentle guidance Marc provides classroom teachers in this book will directly assist them in moving powerful digital tools into the right hands…their students! Marc’s understanding that the ‘pedagogy of partnering’ is built on a relationship of co-learning is fundamental to the 21st century classroom. This book looks to the future with an urgent spirit of possibility and promise!

PS We're going to be buying a truckload of your book when its published, so plan on a trip to Nebraska to meet your admiring readers!

David Engle
North Platte Public School District
Nebraska, USA

It offers what education needs in direction.

Jere Vyverberg, Superintendent
Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools
Waverly, IA

Loving the screening copy of Prensky's new book, "TEACHING DIGITAL NATIVES - PARTNERING FOR REAL LEARNING." So many delish nuggets. I'll be sharing some and buying lotsa copies for NYC educators.

Posted on Facebook by NYC DOE’s Manhattan tech coordinator

Your introduction of the "Partnering" concept for teaching and learning is brilliant in its simplicity. Crossing the paradigm from 'telling' to a more student-centered approach is difficult absent a simple but powerful new model. You've provided that model with 'partnering' as the common thread. And the real power here is that you've carefully defined and re-defined roles of teachers, learners, parents, etc ---- not just as prose, but also with concrete examples and practical hints. I found myself reading toward each 'practical tips' box with expectation and excitement that FINALLY someone has written a book for teachers that goes beyond pedagogy and philosophy, and gives teachers something they can use on Monday morning!

Sandy Fivecoat: We Are Teachers

Loved loved loved it! I've now read it through twice. just to be as through as possible...and I wanted to see how much I would retain, it being such an easy read and all. I HIGHLY enjoyed it and look forward to directing my staff development training now towards the VERBS rather than the nouns, :)

Amber Teamann
Title I Technology Facilitator
Garland Independent School District
Garland, TX

Now is the time to rethink schools. Now is the time not to teach as we were taught. Today's world, today's schools, today's students are not what they were before 1992. Every industry has embraced the technology except education. Now is the time to change education before it is too late for America. Marc Prensky has always been aware of this as his previous books have shown. "Teaching Digital Natives" is a must read book for those of us who use technology, for those needing more details about why we must use technology in our teaching, and for all teachers of teachers to use as a crucial text in their classes. It is more than a paradox that schools in America are so far behind in the use of technology in our schools it borders on irresponsible. Today's students aren't just consumers of information they are producers and Prensky provides evidence of this and methods to continue to foster this new kind of pedagogy in the 21st Century.

Ted Nellin
NYC Teacher of the Year

I very much appreciate the job that Marc has done. Being a visionary is one thing translating the practice of those who get it into real words , action items, and ways to transform so that others can seize the skills is another thing entirely. What Marc did was to investigate, study, examine, explain, evaluate and apply strategies that define transformational teaching practices so that we see and understand how teaching and learning have changed. What Marc does is to define and give us ideational scaffolding and multiple ways to meet the goals of the future.

The update Marc writes is simply put so that anyone can understand it. He cuts to the chase. not only that he uses technology as an enabler to explain, share , show and define. Marc leapfrogs ideas to the next level, how do you do this, what is the framework, how do you customize with different pedagogical strategies? You really have to read the book " Teaching Digital Natives" to see the beauty of the way in which he shares complex practices in teaching in simple ways , easy for anyone to understand.

Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Teacher and Researcher

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